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Top 5 Things Guest Wants to Hear When Checking In Hotel

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These are the top 5 things that the guests will expect when checking in a boutique hotel. Villa Maly hotel in Luang Prabang, well-known for its warm welcome and caring services, shares the following tips.

1. Greetings

Villa Maly Hotel in Luang Prabang

Friendly greeting from the reception is the first thing to impress guests. The staff members should say to guests: "Welcome/Good evening/So nice to have you here/It’s a pleasure". Personalization plays an important role in hospitality greetings. Guests must be addressed by their names. If staff members greet guests by name, they will have a feeling of being taken care of. Return guests will appreciate if they are greeted: “Welcome back, Mr. … ” which shows that the staffs remember them.

2. Dinner Plan

Villa Maly Hotel Luang Prabang Dinner Plan

Asking a guest “Do you have dinner plans?” is an easy topic of conversation. The guests will feel comfortable when being offered to give recommendations from staffs: “What are you in the mood for?” Then they can have dinner either at the hotel or outside, depending on their own schedule. With truly helpful hotel staffs, the travelers will much appreciate the service from the hotel.

3. Quick Response

When the guests need something, either room service or solving any problems inside their rooms, they will expect quick response from the staffs. Hence the staffs should acknowledge the request by saying "I will be right with you” and provide the necessary service.

4. Say Happy Birthday

If staffs know the birthday of guest is coming then they can prepare something to surprise the guests and say Happy Birthday at the most convenient time of the special day. Guests love surprise coming from hotel management and staffs. Send a small piece of candy or a small token to their room and give the guests a pleasant surprise.

5. Call Taxi

During stays of guests, they would like to go out some time, so it would be nice of the staffs to say in polite way: “Would you like me to call you a taxi?” That not only shows helpful attitude but also demonstrates that you care about their travel experience. Hence it will help improve the entire travel experience of the guests.

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