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5 Most Recommended Restaurants in Luang Prabang

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Food is an essential part of any great holiday. Seeking for a restaurant that ensures food safety as well as offers tempting dishes is not that easy.  The following is a compilation of the top 5 recommended restaurants in Luang Prabang as listed on and suggested by the team at Villa Maly.

1. Khaiphaen

Khaiphaen is the 6th training restaurant and vocational school started by a Cambodia-based NGO. The Friends-International helps youths at risk by training them with the professional skills that enable them to find work placement after an 18-month training programme. Khaiphaen is named after a delicious local snack that’s made up of deep fried Mekong River weed.

2. Manda de Laos

Recommended restaurants in Luang Prabang Manda de Laos

Image credit: Manda de Laos

Dining at Manda de Laos is an experience in itself. Three UNESCO World Heritage protected lotus ponds surround this restaurant since 1995. Folklore has it that the oldest of three siblings, My Mum Phiew was born in 1930 in Luang Prabang and she learned how to cook from her beautiful mother, who is also the owner of a small convenient stall. Her father, a goldsmith, was responsible for organising the baptisms of royal births. My Mum Phiew married and passed on her family’s secret recipes to her 10 children.

3. Pizza Phan Luang

Recommended restaurants in Luang Prabang Pizza Phan Luang by Talkingpigeon

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This pizzeria is located across the other side of the Nam Khan River. It is easily reached by crossing the bamboo bridge during dry season. This pizzeria, open for dinner only, is in the terrace of a private home. All pizzas are prepared in a wood fired-oven. To complete your evening, choose from the wide selection of wines and beer.

4. Secret Pizza

Another pizza place! This pizzeria was set up by an Italian expat living in Luang Prabang. He loves cooking so much that he built a brick oven to prepare pizza for his friends. News spread and soon this Italian resident was cooking for strangers who had heard that this was to die for.

5. Nava Mekong/ Le Vetiver


The garden-inspired Le Vetiver restaurant at the boutique hotel Villa Maly serves a modest menu yet, it has a great selection of Western food and Lao-style dishes with an emphasis on fresh products and authentic flavors of original cuisine.

Recommended Restaurants in Luang Prabang Nava Mekong

For out-of-the-way dining, hop on the Nava Mekong for either lunch or their sunset dinner cruise. The boat offers a magnificent dining experience with delicious Lao food waited on by staff in traditional Lao dress, enchanting landscapes and waterscapes along the Mekong River. The lunch cruise makes a stop at the sacred Pak Ou Caves while dinner ones showcase the traditional Lao dances.

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