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5 Good Reasons to Reserve Villa Maly Luang Prabang Half Marathon Runner Package

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Luang Prabang Half Marathon

Villa Maly joins forces with Luang Prabang Half Marathon to launch the Runner Package, set to take place on Sunday 18 October 2015. Last year, this half marathon raised about US$75,000 from the runners’ registration fees for the Lao Friends Hospital for Children. This year, we are expecting more!  The distances to run are divided into three categories: 7km, 14km and 21km. Runners do not have to sprint, all they need to do is to complete the race!

If you are wondering why you should participate in this race let us give you 5 good reasons to be part of this!

1.    Runs toward longevity

An interesting research in Denmark suggests the formulae to living longer is to run a minimum of 180 minutes per week while another study by Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital recommends a 50 minute run per week to reduce cardiovascular diseases. However, it is critical to supplement our lifestyle with proper diet and healthy habits such as taking time out to relax the body and mind.

2.    Increases happiness index

Running is more than just extending our lifespan. It releases endorphins to help us feel better about ourselves as we become more cheerful and positive. Yet running is not without its fair share of pains. Runners do occasionally get muscles strains and sprains, which can be, relieved though rest and recovery.

3.    A simmer silhouette

Perhaps we are not aware of this but even when we stop running, the calories keep burning away or what is known as the “after-burn”. So when we combined the amount of calories being burnt and the amount of calories being burnt when we stop running, the impact doubles, helping us to tone our muscles giving the perception of a slimmer silhouette.

4.    Stronger bones and joints

Contrary to popular misconception that running is bad for the knee and joints, running in fact increases bones mass and this helps to reduce bone loss normally associated with aging. According to researchers, no arthritis is associated with running. In fact most of the times, it is the ones who do not engage in any form of exercises that suffer from early arthritis pains and symptoms.

5.    A sharper mind

Running can help us fight age related illnesses, allows us to remain sharp, multi task and stay focussed. Running will not make us immune to the natural aging process; it helps us cope better by prolonging the early onset of memory loss, thoughts processes and judgement skills.  

The Runner Package

As an active sponsor for the race, Villa Maly launched a special deal. Applicable only for runners, the Runner Package is priced at US$368/person based on double or twin sharing. The package includes:

  • 2-night stay
  • Daily breakfast for two
  • Return airport transfer
  • 4 massages per stay
  • One-way transfer to the start of the race

The package is valid till 18th October, 2015. Call us on (+856) 71 253 903/4 or email to book.